The Concept of Marriage

The Concept of Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people that is socially recognized by the society. A marriage is a bonding of two people not just with themselves but also with each other’s family and all the relatives or friends. This event has a different meaning in every culture or society but the basic fact is that it is something that allows two people to get close to each other and that closeness is acknowledged by all.

Sexual Activity

A sexual activity between two married couple is okay to everyone in the society unlike before wedding which is looked upon as something wrong. In many countries, pre marital sexual activity is frowned upon and not acceptable and thus marriage becomes a necessity.

Reasons for Wedding

A marriage takes place for various reasons like love, emotional connect, financial support or choice of parents etc. In several countries people get married even without being in love. These couples usually fall in love after or right before marriage which may sound silly to some but makes utmost sense to some as well. Like we said marriage has a different meaning to different people.

Legality Point

Marriage in every country is seen as a legal contract. You have married someone and you have got a marriage certificate to legally call him or her your spouse. The state recognizes the certificate as a legal bind in accordance to the marriage laws and is acceptable. Till you get married, you will be seen as two people who are not related to each other. But two married couples will be seen as a Family.

In some countries marriage is also seen as a legal right to the children. When a man and woman get married, any children born to them will be recognized as legitimate child of both the parents and they will have equal rights in the family. It has been often argued that irrespective of marriage, children deserve rights and why should marriage be a criteria? If two people can bring a child to life then they must give the child their legitimate right.

What’s Not Allowed

There are certain rules with respect to marriages in various places. You are not allowed to marry your parents, children, brother or sister or any first cousins too. In some places like South Korea you cannot marry a person with the same title or if ancestors are same as well. In many places people marry second or third cousins and in many places it is not allowed at all.


Marrying a child is forbidden in most parts of the world as it is wrong. Long back children weddings used to be totally fine but it has been banned nowadays. One of the major reasons for ban on child marriage was that in most cases the child who was getting married was a girl. Many people would marry the girl at a small age to a guy who is well above adult and that would create a problem. A girl child should not just be handed over to an adult, it is simply not right.

Same Sex

Same Sex marriage is a much recent trend in several places and these marriages are being given the same status as mixed sexed marriages. A union is like this is like between two woman or two men. Even transgender marriages are being accepted in the world and being given same status. The debate was that if two people are in love, why deny them the status just because who they are or what they feel? Everyone should have equal right to live in this society and should not be judged by anyone unnecessarily.

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