Love and Emotion For That Game

Love and Emotion For That Game

Can someone have love and emotions for a game? It is quite possible actually and we know of someone who is having some strange love and emotion for that particular game which we are going to discuss here today. First and foremost we would like you to know that we have no affinity or any relation with this game that we are about to discuss. We are a happy love and emotion blog and we had someone recently tell us about their affair with this game and thus we are sharing with you.

So this person got addicted with this game and all they could do is play the game 24/7 and that really is a problem in real life. When you have a family and kids, you cannot really play a game all the time as it destroys a lot of things around. So this lady played 8 ball pool online game all the time and that is how she created problems in her life. After having a lot of problems in her life, she came to us for advice and we gave it to her. STOP PLAYING! was our advice and why not? Games are really not meant to be played all the time. Focus and concentrate on your family and giving love to your kids and then if you have time left, play a game.

If you are wondering why this game is such an addiction then ask the 100 million players who have downloaded this game as per the data from google play store. Well we were too wondering what was in the game and so we decided to find out all the information about the game and we could only find that there are always players around this game and thus you can never get bored waiting around for a player to come and play with you. It is really a fun game, no denying about it but not worth destroying life over of course.

We even found out about the tricks that some people were employing to by pass the online game shop for grabbing their hands on in game coins and cash that is used to purchase various items. The way they bypassed was a top secret and we found out the hard way. So if you are thinking of using any 8 ball pool game hack, then you can simply click on this link and it will take you to an open software website that allows you to hack into the game easily and get yourself millions of coins within minutes. We tried it and it worked.

So nevertheless coming back to the point, our advice worked for this lady and she got her family back on track. She stopped playing the game altogether and she started showering her love to her family and enjoying quality time with her husband. Now she is a happy woman and it has been many months since she played any game, leave alone 8 ball pool.

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